Hi there! I’m Tiffany. 

I am honored to have helped raise and supervised teams securing nearly half a billion dollars in philanthropic support for numerous clients in a diverse array of nonprofit sectors. I’ve successfully led numerous teams and organizations in realizing their fundraising goals and advancing their missions. 

I offer a variety of leadership and nonprofit management fundraising experiences and have particular expertise in major gift campaign design and management. 

I pride myself in bringing a creative, responsive, and positive approach to each engagement, accompanied by excellent organization, and superior prospect research techniques. In my previous role as an executive with a leading international consulting firm, I helped to identify innovative and unique ways to serve clients, evaluate staff, mentor new colleagues, and analyze industry trends. 

My clients would describe me as results-driven – employing a focused approach to identifying beneficial opportunities and responding to challenges with urgency and persistence. I have extensive experience in creating and facilitating workshops and presenting to influential corporate executives and stakeholders, board members, prospective major donors, and colleagues. I can segment and engage with the full spectrum of an organization’s unique and varied constituencies.

I measure success by the ability to create meaningful relationships with clients, and perhaps more importantly – by helping clients engage more effectively with their prospective donors and supporters. These measured and purposeful interactions have resulted in multi-million dollar leadership gifts and immeasurable long-term relationships, support and advocacy.

Now, tell me all about you.